Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Discussion: Why I'm Buying Disney Infinity 3.0

I bought the first three Skylanders games. I liked them. I have nearly 150 characters to prove it. When I decided I wasn't going to follow the Skylanders franchise into their fourth game, Trap Team, I thought that the vast majority of my interest in the Toys to Life genre was finally at an end.

Sure, I own a few Amiibo: Peach, Zelda and Jiggly Puff. But I don't feel the same burning, needs-medical-treatment-now need to "catch 'em all" that I did with Skylanders. I also collect the Amiibos with Jay, so we keep the cost down but not needlessly repeating characters.

And from what I saw in Disney Infinity 1.0, I was pretty sure I'd "never" get that game. The playsets they released for their first game were all franchises I knew nothing about. Whew! Dodged a bomb there, didn't I?

Um, no. Bombs have timers for a reason, and the Disney Infinity bomb is about to explode onto my collection shelves with the purchase of Disney Infinity 3.0.

Which leads to a really great question...

What Changed My Mind?

It all started when I saw this totally adorable figure on the shelves at WalMart. I've been drawn to Infinity figures a time or two before--Elsa from Frozen almost got a purchase, as did Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas--but I've always held off because I knew that Disney Infinity 1.0 was totally not for me. I don't know anything about any of the franchises they used, and the one I have memories of (The Lone Ranger) is something I heard they messed up. Badly.

But this adorable (?!) little Disgust figure? She almost came home with me. The only reason (aside from thinking "I don't play Disney Infinity!) was because I spent nearly $120 on the game, card reader and cards for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. But once I got home I kept thinking about the figure I'd left at WalMart, and that lead to me researching the newest Disney Infinity game--3.0--and realizing this might be the year for me to totally jump in.

As a fan of Star Wars, there's no way Disney could release this figure set and have me not buy it. THey're just too cute! And if I'm going to buy them and get the playset piece to unlock their part of this year's Infinity, why not grab that too when it comes with Anakin (Yay!) and a new character named Ahsoka that I'll now have an excuse to research? I figure that if I buy the figures and ignore the play piece I'm leaving money on the table. Since I don't agressively collect Amiibo and don't collect Skylanders anymore, there's nothing stopping me from collecting infinity on a financial level, either.

But is the game good enough to warrant the $65 price tag that Disney is asking to get in? I've been doing a lot of research ever since I saw the Disgust figure and I think at this point--for me--it's a resounding yes. Here are a few reasons:

  1. I don't feel the "gotta catch 'em all" urge that I had with Skylanders since I don't necessarily want or like every Disney character or franchise that has been made. 
  2. The normal (non-crystal) figures also don't seem to suffer from as much scalping as the Amiibos do, so I don't mind grabbing one here and two there from the store or via Amazon. 
  3. As with my love of Skylanders, I like the family oriented nature of the Toys to Life genre. I'm a social gamer, not a super gamer, so having a more laid back difficulty curve works for me.
  4. The whole "toy box" concept is extremely appealing to me. I've been designing games in programs like RPG Maker 2000 for decades, so getting a shot at using all the great Disney stuff is really, really, exciting! 
  5. There are a decent number of online options. It's still not the full online I'd like from a game like this--and it may never be, I know they need to protect kids--but there seems to be more of a happy medium here than what I've seen in other Toys to Life products.
  6. Even if I don't fall head over heels for the game, I'll still love the figures I buy for it. I'm not going to look at a figure of Mulan and ask myself "Who was that again?" the way I might about Bash or Cynder these days. 
  7. Since I can add to my collection at my own pace, I can invest what I want to while I decide if I am committed to this before I spend a ton of money on this. I'm sure I'll buy more than just a starter set--for me to really get into this kind of game that's a given. But I don't need to buy the 30 some figures here that interest me all in one big spending spree, so picking up a few won't be bad. 
Will Disney Infinity 3.0 give me the kind of experience I want or need? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, though: my poor, dusty PS4 is going to be very happy to see it. It's not fun being a $450 (CDN) paperweight. Hopefully this will give the machine something to do. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Kat & Jay's Halloween Swap

Welcome to Kat & Jay's very first Halloween Swap! <3

I (Kat) got into doing swap boxes through the My Little Pony Arena, and with the amount of time I spend planning, wrapping, and sending boxes to my pony friends sending one to my boyfriend just seems to make sense. :) So today we're going to break down what this swap will (or can) consist of since Jay hasn't done one of these before.

Items In Box: Candy, Card, Other

Budget: TBD (to be decided)

Kat's preferences:

Sweets & Treats:


Milk, White and Dark (depends on what they're in). Any with peanut butter or hazel nut filling. Soft caramel, peanuts, and almonds are all good. I love chocolate and cookie together, or anything that has a sweet 'n salty theme. (Cookies? Chocolate covered pretzels? Almond or Peanut M&Ms? Yay to all--even if I did get sick on peanut M&Ms the other week. Blech!) Fruit fillings, like chocolate with strawberry, orange, etc. can be fun, too. Chocolate and mint can be nice.

Specific Bars I like: Reese Peanut Butter cups, Kinder Bueno, KitKat, Twix, M&Ms, Hershey's Cookies 'n Cream... Wow, so many of the ones I think of end up being Canadian. What the heck do you guys have over there?! Hopefully Jay will use the top part to send some unique chocolate I haven't tried yet, or different variations of old favorites. :P

I also love Turtles and I'd love to try those Lindor Truffles I know Jay likes--I'm generally too cheap to buy 'em but that might change if I like them. :P


Skittles (original or darkside), Laffy Taffy (I can't get this here), Gushers or Maynard's Juicy Squirts (I adore both), Jolly Ranchers (the candy of my childhood), Starburst (love!), Jelly Belly Jellybeans (Jellybeans in general! I love these! Yum!), RealFruit gummies, fuzzy peaches, sour patch kids (how the hell did I forget that I like these?!)


I just discovered Pepperidge Farm's Milano (they call 'em Monaco over here) cookies and I'm HOOKED. I can get Double Chocolate or Chocolate Mint here, but it looks like a ton of different flavors are available across the border. Ones that keep the chocolate and yummy cookie factor but which add in Raspberry, White Chocolate, Caramel, or Toffee might be neat. And I need to remember I like mint and get the mint ones for myself next time!

Tea or Hot Chocolate: 

I adore fruit teas and am always looking for new flavors to try. Those I've had include Blueberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, and Peach. An apple cinnamon tea, pumpkin spice tea, or some variant on Chai tea might be good this time of year. As for Hot Chocolate, something interesting like mint hot chocolate, cinnamon hot chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmellows, etc. would be neat.

I Don't Like:

Nerds, Black Licorice, anything really spicy, anything major sour, most really sticky / chewy / hard candy (if it's listed above its an exception), Coconut, Whoppers, (american) Smarties (Blech, placebo candies. Gross. Remind me of taking Tegretol).

Non Food Items:

Larger Items:

Anything "Inside Out", especially if it has Disgust, Sadness or Anger. I'd have the movie on my list, but it releases November 3rd. *facepalm* Wanted items include plushies, Funko Pop! figures, small figures holding memory orbs that work with the Headquarters playset, and the Disney Infinity figures. (I may break down and get the special edition 3.0 Star Wars one that is PS exclusive... You get 5 Star Wars figures!!! *drool*)

Disney Infinity -- Mao is buying this either late in October (after gift box) or early in November.

Playsets Mao Wants: Inside Out (comes with Joy, Anger and the play disc for this area) and Rise Against The Empire (comes with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and their game disc)

Figures Mao wants: Disgust, Sadness, Fear, Mulan, Merida, Aladdin, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Elsa, Ana, Maleficent, Mickey, Minnie, Yoda, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Starlord, Gamorra, Rocket Raccoon, Draxx, Groot

My Little Pony items are always welcome. Right now I'm looking for "Water Cuties" Luna ($12 on Amazon.com), Water Cuties Blossomforth ($8 on Amazon.com), and Fashion Style Coco Pommel ($17 on Amazon.com)

Anything Sailor Moon to go with the little collection at the bottom of my TV. I've seen cute little figures on stands, incredible posable figures that may give my MH dolls the boot (those are likely more a birthday / valentines / Christmas / anniversary type thing--they run about $40) and an adorable 5 keychain set. I'm also still missing all the DVDs.

Amiibos -- I would love to get the Rosalina & Lumia one; she reminds me of Elsa. Bowser or Yoshi would be great. Palutena looks like she could hang out in my Disgust shrine, even if I haven't played Kid Icarus; Dark Pit looks badass, Bowser Jr. in the floating happy face cup is great, the female inkling looks like she could be a cartoon of Renna, the wooly Yoshis are precious, Pikachu is totally an option, and Robin and Lucina (1: Fire Emblem; 2: They look like they could be Zak and Amy). Shulk, from Xenoblade, might also be a great Zak candidate--depends if you prefer him with light blond vs. white hair.

Smaller Items:

Amiibo Cards: I'm still on the hunt for that elusive Isabelle card and my very own copy of Tom Nook, among others.

Washi / Decorative tape: I'm addicted to this stuff! One common type sold at stores is Scotch Expressions, and another is Tape Works. Or you can get creative and hunt for it on Amazon. I've wanted a set of the lace tapes for two months now!! Gonna need some Christmas colors soon, too!!

A cute pencil case for my pencils and pens and one to store my Washi tapes: Don't need to necessarily send 'em both, but they're an idea. I like ones of characters I love (Disney, inside out, hello kitty, marvel, turtles, etc., ones that are fluffy or glittery, ones with cute animals... Just nothing BORING! :P ) Protip which you can use or ignore: If you send something like this, filling it with stuff like Candy, pens, Washi, etc. is a great way to utilize box space. :D

Stickers! I is Mao and Mao likes stickers. :p Same as the Pencil case thing: I like cute, glittery or things done in themes that I like. (Disney, Inside Out, Marvel / DC, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, MLP... I'm there.)

I'd love a coloring book of Disney Princesses or Inside Out. I want something where color is needed and there are a variety of characters to color in. (Really want to get a book and do the drawings as if they are the Sealers someday, lol. Imagine the Princesses turned into my characters? Hehehe...)

Glitter glues, glitter pens, glitter tapes... Basically any art things that sparkle!

SmashBook supplies--especially the little Journaling Cards. Ask me and I'll show 'em to you on Amazon. If you can find these for a reasonable price locally, I'd love some. If they're pricey, ignore this. I'm still dying for one of their Smash Kits (particularly drawn to the Food, Cute and Fashion ones) but that's more of a "big" gift and may be too big for this.)

Decorating Info:

My favorite colors: Bright Pink, Sky Blue, Bright Purple, Emerald and Forest Green. I also like classic orange and black for Halloween or Red & Black if a Vampire theme is wanted. I also find themed wrapping papers cute if they go with the box's theme. I also like anything sparkly, glittery or shiny, and anything animal print.  Anything involving the things I collect or animals I love (cats, pigs, dogs, unicorns / horses, dolphins,

Jay'S Preferences:

Sweets & Treats:


Since Jay is prone to stomach aches from chocolate, he prefers it in smaller doses and in other things, like Cookies. Ideas include Turtles, Lindor Truffles,


In contrast, Jay loves candy. Options include Jelly Belly, Jolly Ranchers, Darkside Skittles, Fruit Gummies, and Fruit Roll Ups / Fruit By The Foot (both or which?).

Also expressed interest in a thing of salted cashews.

Cookies: Jay has expressed interest in the Chocolate Mint Monacos I can get.

Hot Chocolate: Jay seems interested in the Multi Pack I can get. (Coffee Crisp, Rollo & After Eight Mint).

Jay Doesn't LIke:

Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Anything with chocolate that says "with extra milk!", 'cheap' mainline brand chocolate--even minis make him ill.

Non-Food Items:

Larger Items:

Smaller Items:

Decorating Info:

Jay's favorite colors are red and black. His favorite animals are penguins, hamsters, cats and turtles. He likes Batman, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, and Dragon Ball Z.


Clearly there is still some spaces to fill and decisions to make, but we seem to be underway. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wish List: Top 10 G4 Ponies

G1 | G2 | G3 | G4

G4 (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) is probably the strangest series of ponies for me to make and maintain a top 10 list for, because at least 50% of the ponies released are actually re-releases of the mane six. I love the show and I love the mane six, but much like with my doll collections, repeat characters have to be really special for me to want to buy them. My shelf space is very limited and I just don't have the room.

For the purposes of this list, I will be talking about regular, fashion style, funko and pop ponies. If I get into blind bags or plushies, I'll give them their own page. Why the distinction? I love fashion style ponies from an art perspective and they are one of the things which may lead to character duplication. My primary ponies of choice are the standard sized "brushable" pony. If I can't get a character in brushable form (here's lookin' at you, Big Mac) I will look at Funko or POP ponies. And since I'm creative I'm likely to own a few POP ponies--though not at the expense of having their regular "brushable" version if such a thing exists for a reasonable price.

I'm sure this list will get changed a lot as things get purchased, but I figured it would be fun to brainstorm what my top ten most wanted MLP G4 things are.

10. Diamond Mint & Rarity Water Cuties

I can't resist Diamond Mint. Her colors are totally stunning and of all the Water Cutie releases, this style really does suit her best. I hope I won't have too much trouble finding her, as I've heard others have found that a challenge.

And of course I have to get Rarity! I collect her and Fluttershy since they are my two favorite ponies on the show. Plus, she looks so elegant and glamorous as a Water Cutie. She isn't quite as striking as Diamond Mint, but she has the fact that she is Rarity going for her and the fact that she's a naturally white Unicorn and together those things make this release pretty unique. (She actually looks like she's made from a gem.)

09. Pinkie Pie's Sweet Shop Bakery (POP Playset)

This thing is completely customizable and completely adorable--how can I resist? From what I've seen from YouTube video reviews, it works well with POP ponies and regular 3 inch ponies so it seems like it should be perfect for my purposes.

08. Sunset Shimmer

I'm not madly in love with Equestria Girls like I am with Monster High, Ever After High and (hopefully when they release) Disney Descendants. But Sunset Shimmer bears some resemblance to Sarena (red-blond hair, blue eyes, fiery personality) and her color scheme is lovely so I can't resist adding her to my collection. I hope I can get the Cutie Mark Magic version or the one with the color gradient on her legs.

07. Glamour Glow Rarity

What, did you think I wasn't gonna list this? XD I need this in my life yesterday! And if I don't get it for a good price this weekend, you can bet I'll be shipping it to Jay's house. Glamour Glow Rarity is GORGEOUS and deserves a place of honor on my dresser once I clean it. (Shoo, you pesky Skylanders. You're so 2013...)

06. Princess Luna 

After her totally awesome Hallowe'en themed episode, how could I not want a figure of Princess Luna? My heart really went out to her as she tried to redeem herself to the citizens of Ponyville and I love how the episode resolved. So onto the list she goes. I'd prefer a normal version of her, but will take the Water Cutie one if I must. This version, which also comes with a regular sized Rarity, would suit my needs well.

05. Princess Celestia

The grand ruler of all Equestria... How could my collection be complete without her?! There are tons of versions of Celestia for me to choose from. Primarily I want one that is the same size as whatever Luna I buy. This version with Twilight and Spike is pretty cool, though I'm not sure if I'm digging the pink. (Isn't she suppose to be white?) But I -nned- a Spike. How can I have a Rarity collection without Spike?!

04. Big Macintosh Funko Pop

It breaks my heart that there isn't a proper Big Mac brushable. But considering what Hasbro has done with Shining Armor, this isn't a total loss. (Uh, Hasbro? Why the underlying message that boys are treasure trolls? *is confused*) Anyway, the Big Mac Funko is a gorgeous figure anyway, and from what I undersand he;s actually a size that will fit in with the rest of my ponies. Plus, I'm use to molded hair on male dolls (Ken, Deuce Gorgon, etc.) so it's really not the end of the world. Though getting custom Big Mac and Shining Armor done may eventually be on my to-do list. We shall see how deep I get into this pony thing.

03. The Cutie Mark Crusaders

I have their Doodle Book... How could I not want their figures? I think that the parallel between the CMC and the Mane 6 is one of the most genius things in the show. I think it helps bridge the gap between the adult ponies and what it's like to be a pony 'child', a brilliant concept for a show aimed at actual children. I also appreciate that the writers do not dumb the CMC down while doing this. There is lots to learn from their adventures, regardless of one's age. This wedding set I have posted would be a lovely choice since I'd get all 3 plus cute little bouquets.

02. Cadance and Shining Armor

I am a romance writer. I haven't even SEEN the wedding 2 parter yet and I already want these two both as brushables and as their upcoming Funko pop versions. There are two ways I can see myself getting these guys: either as part of TRUs collectible set, or with their huge, totally adorable castle. Either way I win, so ultimately it depends what I can most easily and affordably find.

01. Standard Size Versions of the Mane Six

They forgot to make me?!
This is the worst. Thing. Ever!
My love of ponies started with a love of Friendship is Magic, so it only stands to reason that I need a complete set of the mane six as one of the core pieces of my collection. I'm quite fond of the Cutie Mark Magic set, but it doesn't have a proper Rarity. (Possibly because they did her as Glamour Glow and a Water Cutie?) I'm also in love with the Royal Ball at Canterlot Castle set, but it's a discontinued Target exclusive that's going for double it's MSRP on Amazon.com . It will be interesting to see how I get my mane six ponies as my collection grows.

These are things that are more expensive than I would normally be willing to pay for a collectible piece. The fact that they are here means I definitely want them, and if I see them for a good price you can be sure I'll jump on it.

Fluttershy & Discord Statue

This is just too cute! I love the contrast between these characters' personalities and I'm fascinated to see how their friendship will form. I can't believe this is even a thing, really. XD It's one of those things where I need it on principle, even though I haven't seen what caused it. Redemption and the power of kindness is a concept I've worked with as a writer for years. Way to go, MLP, for tackling it.


I am a total sucker for white ponies with pink and green details. I don't exactly know why I love them; I just know I find them gorgeous and I love that color combination. So of course, if I'm collecting G4 with any level of seriousness I want it's gorgeous green, white and pink pony. How can I resist? Plus that cute wagon and little friend? Aww!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kat's Birthday Wish List

Here is my birthday wishlist, complete with links, pricing, reviews and my own notes on all the items that are included herein. This list is divided into Games & DVDs, Books & Creativity, Plushies, My Little Pony Toys, Funko Pop and Other Stuff categories.


1. Final Fantasy and the 4 Heroes of Light 

This is a DS based Final Fantasy that I have not played. If memory serves it is made by the same people who made Bravely Default.

PRICE: $35 SHIPPING: $5 SHIPS FROM: Alberta, Canada

2. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix

I'm interested in getting getting both Kingdom Hearts remixes before the new game comes out. I may as well, since I have my PS3 plugged in and easily able to be used anyway.

PRICE: $20 from Amazon.ca

3. The Book Of Life (DVD)

I'm interested in getting this movie because the art style looks fantastic and it is based on the Day of the Dead, one of the four Hallowe'en referenced holidays used in Ray Bradbury's The Hallowe'en tree. According to Beyond The Trailer's review both of these aspects of the movie (the art and explaining this holiday) are done exceptionally well. Plus... it's based around a form of the underworld that I'm not familiar with... How can I resist?

PRICE: $20 FROM: Amazon.ca

4. American Horror Story Season One

I'm interested in this show and think it has an interesting premise. This item may be a bit of a risk in comparison to some of the other things on this list--I haven't seen any of the episodes here. I am getting an AHS shirt in my Horror Block, but that's based on S4 (Freak Show) so that point may be moot.

$15 on Amazon.ca

5. My Little Pony Season One 

I love this show and am currently watching it on Netflix. However, my research indicates that it will eventually be taken off netflix if the Canadian one follows the American one. Plus, I'd rather buy it now while it's reasonably priced.

$22 on Amazon.ca


1. My Little Pony: The Official Guidebook

I'm sure you know how obsessed I am with getting reference books on anything I am obsessed about. Is there anything I am as obsessed about right now as MLP? This has rave reviews on Amazon and appears to be done in full color and hard cover. I have included the product description for your conveniences: (Note: If you go on Amazon.com there is a review that shows images of the art inside the book)

Everypony is sure to love the abridged, digital-only edition of The Official Guidebook! Inside they will find everything they need to know about the hit TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Character bios and a map of Equestria are just the beginning of this gorgeous book. Don't miss the complete lyrics to all the songs, a collection of Letters to Princess Celestia, and much much more!

$15 on Amazon.ca 

2. Redeemed by PC and Kristen Cast

The final House of Night book, which I have not yet read. I'd be happy to get it from you in hard cover, or I could grab it later for myself. This is a pretty solid "safe" gift idea. 

$15 from Amazon.ca 

3. My Little Pony: Journal of the Two Sisters

A hardcover book that tells the story of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's childhood. Looks like it compliments the Offical Guidebook based on the art style. 

$15 from Amazon.ca 

4. The Cutie Mark Crusaders' Doodle Book

I am in "I wanna be a creative mao!" mode. This book looks like it could be a really fun and amusing way to scratch that particular itch. Here's a review from Amaaxon.com: (I was skeptical about this item until I read the review) (I just tried to watch a video review of this by a kid with a camera. I almost puked from motion sickness. I'll spare you that trip.)

This "doodle book" differentiates itself from the usual coloring books. It lives up to the doodle book name by including plenty of drawing activities (and of course a ton of coloring to be done), but it adds a lot of wonderfully creative activities. In addition to the usual matching or maze games you'll find in most coloring books, this one includes activities for your kids do to, such as...
- designing their own creatures or monsters
- writing their own song and lyrics for the talent show
- writing a story for the Foal Free Press school newspaper
- designing clothing (like Rarity's giant hats)
- helping Miss. Cheerilee with a lesson plan (my favorite)
- writing their own letters to Princess Celestia

In all it's much more engaging than a simple coloring book and far more enjoyable for it. Hours of fun to be had being creative with your kids and, of course, coloring with them! :)

$12 on Amazon.ca

5. Ghoul Spirit: A Monster High Doodle Book

Again, an item to try and scratch the Mao's creativity itch that often happens sometime between Jan and Feb. (New year & my birthday). This one is Monster High inspired. Below is a sample of what the book is like. Not the craziest about how the vid was done, but it serves its purpose:

$13 on Amazon.ca 

My Little Pony Toys:

1. Styling Strands Fluttershy

First up: this is pretty expensive. It's a lot cheaper on Amazon.com, but it costs more there with import fees so I listed the .ca rersion. I really love the design of this pony. We both know Fluttershy is my favorite, so I'm pretty sure it's unsurprising that a high end version of her is here. She comes with lots of hair accessories, her comb and a bunny that attaches to the comb, which is cute.

$23 on Amazon.ca 

2. Twilight and Sunset Shimmer Equestria Girls dolls

These would fit in nicely with my Monster High dolls since they're part human / part horse. I'm pretty sure I'll like the Rainbow Rocks movie and these are a fantastic price, considering most of the dolls here are going for $25 - $40 on Amazon.ca 

$30 on Amazon.ca

3. Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle w/ Sea Breezie

These are pretty cute and come with adorable little friends to keep them company. Since I'm just starting to collect MLP I don't have any of the characters yet and these seem like nice versions to own. Only flaw: I wish they came with a hair brush. But I'm sure I'll find lots of those anyway.

$13 each on Amazon.ca

4. ainbow Power Rarity

... They also have Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash and I want these in no particular order. (Yeah, Applejack is going "Where's the love, man?" right about now.) These are a very simple pony and hairclip set which are good for getting each character but which don't have a lot of fancy accessories, etc. outside of that.

5. My Little Pony POP Figures / Playsets 

Pinkie Pie Bakery ($12.50), Fluttershy ($12), Applejack ($5), Rainbow Dash ($6) ... I think this is a cute creative concept. These are not a replacement for traditional MLP dolls, but they make a nice compliment. The POP line is Hasbro's latest thing for MLP and will be extending into 2015. The mix and match nature and easy assembly of the toys will likely work well for someone with limited space, provided her dog does not eat any of the pieces. 

Prices vary, Amazon.ca


Buddy Pomeranian ($17 from A.com shipping fee: $6)

When I researched this plush further, I discovered that he is based on a real, live pomeranian who can be watched on YouTube. The reviews for this plush are very favorable and it seems to be well made. I wonder what Coco and Maggie will think if I get this? 

Youtube: (of the real, live dotgs) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoNfguMwel8

Diarrhea Giant Microbe ($10 from Amazon.ca)

I listed this one and the common cold one on Pinterest. I think these are cute and hilarious; at least the less serious ones. I also find it pretty cool that they come with a card that explains what they are. I wonder how long it'll take people to figure out what they are. :p With how much pizza I eat, I think we all know which is most appropriate. :p

Common Cold Giant Microbe ($10 from Amazon.ca)

I listed this one and the common cold one on Pinterest. I think these are cute and hilarious; at least the less serious ones. I also find it pretty cool that they come with a card that explains what they are. I wonder how long it'll take people to figure out what they are. :p With how much pizza I eat, I think we all know which is most appropriate. :p

Fluttershy doll & bag ($16 from Amazon.ca)

There are three ways to get this (and all of it applies to Applejack below): Either a plush by itself, a plush with a glossy purse that shows the pony's cutie mark, or a plush with a bag shaped like that pony's head. Obviously, Fluttershy is here because she's my favorite.

Applejack doll & bag ($16 from Amazon.ca)

Applejck is the other character I decided to list for plushy treatment. She's another of my favorite MLP characters and she simply does NOT get enough love.


Poison Ivy Funko Pop (Ama.com $8 + $5.50 shipping)

I've always loved Poison Ivy. Loved in the Arkham Asylum game, loved playing a plant based character in DCUO, love her overall design so much that she helped inspire Cait. Why wouldn't I want this?

La Muerte (Book of Life) (Amazon.com $11 + 5.50 shipping)

My favorite funko based off of The Book Of Life. I know I haven't seen the movie yet, but look at her design! She's absolutely incredible! And she looks like a character that I will probably like, based on the trailer.

Splinter (TMNT) ($14 from Amazon.ca) 

My cery first childhood crush. No, really. I'm not kidding. Ask my family. Getting (more) serious, the design for Splinter is absolutely fantastic and definitely does his character justice.

Princess Jasmine ($14 on Amazon.ca)

Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, but Jasmine ties a very close second. And when it comes to Funko Pop design, there's just no contest. If I got Belle I'd want the ballgown version, which is -really- expensive, whereas Jasmine is reasonable and on .ca.

Freddy Kreuger ($10 + 5.50 S/H on Amazon.com)

I haven't seen Nightmare On Elm Street yet, but I couldn't resist listing this amazingly detailed and very creepy Funko Pop figure because it's one of the coolest designs I've seen from looking at the 80+ on my original list.


Pinkie Pie t-shirt (Amazon.com SELLER; $20 + 6.50 s/h)

Pinkie Pie does what she wants ... and so does Mao. Now Mao can do whatever she wants wearing a Pinkie Pie t-shirt.

Applejack shirt (Amazon.com SELLER, $20 + 6 s/h)

What are the odds that someone would just happen to have an Applejack shirt in my size? Pretty good according to the info stated on this item.

Disney Princess Coloring Book ($6.50 amazon.ca)

Another listing from "Creative Mao". a.k.a. It's winter and I'm stuck indoors Mao. Help!

96 Crayola Crayons ($7 at Amazon.ca)

A coloring book needs crayons like Kesyl needs Rena. You had to know these were coming.

Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle ($11.50 a.ca)

.An interesting set of oracle cards (similar to tarot cards) based on one of my favorite series ever? Yes please. 


And there you have it! Mao's super epic birthday wishlist! Yay! Feel free to ask if you have any questions.